Volunteer work in Nepal

Volunteer & Internship

You can get volunteer opportunities to work in School, Teaching, Orphanage, Child care, Hospital, Medical and Healthcare, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Disabled care, Social work, Old age home, Women empowerment and Photo journalism. Our program is available from One week to Five months. Individuals from 18 to 65 years of age can apply. No specific Experience is required. Read More

Experience Nepalese Culture

Experience Nepali Culture

Get immersed into Nepali Culture through cultural exchange programs in Nepal. It is also included with the volunteer program. You can have a chance to go for cultural tours and see the diverse Nepali culture and traditions up close. If you wish, you can even learn Nepali Language and Nepali Cooking. Our other programs are Nepali Homestay, Nepali Language class and Nepali Cooking class. Read More

Explore Nepal

Explore Nepal

Nepal is the land of the Mount Everest and the birth place of Lord Buddha. The nature, mountains, culture, adventure activities and there are so much to see and do in Nepal. You can even go for trekking in the Himalayas in some of the best trekking trails on earth. Besides volunteering, you can spend weekends traveling around Nepal and our staff helps you by suggesting interesting tours and treks. Read More

Internship in Nepal

You can Intern in Nepal and get work experience. There are various Internships opportunities to choose from School, Teaching, Orphanage, Child care, Social work, Hospital, Medical and Healthcare, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Disabled care, Old age home, Women empowerment and Photo journalism.

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Volunteer Stories

Go through our Blog to know about volunteering, traveling and trekking in Nepal. Read the travel stories and the inspiring volunteer stories of different volunteers about their Nepal experiences.

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Volunteer Testimonials

After a long internet search for a genuine organization and meaningful volunteering placement, we settled on the Nepali Host Family. Having now volunteered for a week at the school and mainly at the orphanage we know that we have made the right decision.
Laurel, Hannah and Nitisha.

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Can Nepali citizens volunteer at Nepali host family ?

Yes. Nepalese citizens are welcome to volunteer at Nepali host family during special project work period. Nepali host family requests volunteer applications from Nepalese nationals during special project work period which varies from time to time. We cannot provide volunteer opportunities to all the Nepali nationals who applies to us but we take Nepali youths to volunteer in our projects e.g. Medical outreach, Earthquake relief, Flood relief etc. It is free to volunteer for Nepalese youths and the applications are open only during the specific times in a year.

Generally, Nepali host family means a host family in Nepal that provides food, accommodation and cultural exchange opportunities to the travelers or volunteers from abroad. We (Nepali Host Family) are a Non-profit volunteer organisation from Nepal doing Volunteering work for the betterment of the society.