About Nepali Host Family

Nepali Host Family is a Non-profit organisation. Among hundreds of Volunteer organization in Nepal, what makes us different is that we are a Non-profit Volunteer organisation. We are a small Nepali NGO run by a team of Nepalese social workers with our office based in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. We have been working since the year 2012. Nepali Host Family is a Government registered Charity in Nepal and also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. With a vision to help the community and the people in need, we carry out our activities by the help of our volunteers. We select both, local and International volunteers to help in our community volunteering program. Many participants from different countries whether skilled or unskilled join our Internship and volunteer programs every year.

Our Services

Our main aim is to provide volunteer work, Internships and Cultural Exchange opportunities to travelers from abroad. We also provide Nepali Language Course, Nepali Cooking Course and Homestay in Nepal. We provide affordable and meaningful volunteering opportunities for students and professionals from abroad. We provide them volunteering placements matching their skills and interests. International volunteers can work in the following volunteering programs and Internship programs in Nepal:

Volunteer in school, Teaching volunteer, volunteer in Orphanage, volunteer in Hospital, Medical and Healthcare volunteer, Nursing volunteer, Physiotherapy volunteer, volunteer in Rehabilitation home, volunteer with Disabled, volunteer with Children, volunteer in Old age home, Social work volunteer, Women empowerment and Photo journalism.

Charity work in Nepal

We do charity work in Nepal to help children, women and marginalized communities. Nepal being one of the poorest countries in the world, there is lack of resources and support in different sectors. We basically work for the betterment of the underprivileged groups and communities that need support. We work in schools, orphanages, hospitals which are under-equipped and need support. We help those institutions by sending volunteers and try to gather support for their smooth functioning and development.

Nepali Host Family also works with International charity organization in order to help the underprivileged children in Nepal. As a charity organization, we organize charity work in Nepal by involving the people within the community. We are working with a German charity organisation “Hamromaya Nepal e.V.” since 2012. Hamromaya Nepal e.V. is a charity from Germany and works for Children.

Visit Hamromaya Nepal

We love doing community work but being a small charity in Nepal, we are not able to do a lot. We need support of many Individuals and social organizations who follow the belief of helping others. We are willing to work together with different Non-profits and Charities from around the world for the mission of helping the poor and needy. We would like to have partnership with Universities and Institutions from all over to work together for humanity.

History of Nepali Host Family

We first began to host International volunteers from early 2012. At that time, providing food and accommodation and looking after the International volunteers in Nepal who were staying with us was our main work. At that time there were many volunteer organisations in Nepal providing volunteer work programs and most of them were highly expensive. We saw that those volunteer agencies from overseas could not provide immediate help and accurate information about Nepal, culture and daily life.

We began to understand how the International volunteering in Nepal can make an impact in Nepalese lives. We also studied how reliable and easy it would be if a team of Nepalese social workers would offer such an opportunity to individuals looking to volunteer overseas in Nepal. Lots of volunteers gave us suggestions and the main suggestion was that the volunteering program must be Legitimate and Affordable in costs. We registered our organization as a Non-profit in Nepal and today we have come a long way, developing our programs and offering reliable and affordable Internships and volunteering in Nepal.

Our Mission

Nepali Host Family's mission is to work directly with the community by involving our volunteers, using their skills and efforts, to help the poor and needy, to make a better Nepal, the Land of the Himalayas and making Nepali hospitality well known all over the world by spreading the message of Selfless Service, Tourism and Friendship.