Cultural Exchange and Homestay in Nepal

Food and accommodation and Cultural exchange in Nepal

In Nepal there is a popular saying “Atithi Devo Bhavah” which means ‘the guest is god’. Mainly in the Hindu culture guests are seen as the form of god. The warm hospitality of the Nepali people has made Nepalese hospitality famous in the world.

Nepali Host Family provides Home-stay in Nepal. Food and Accommodation is provided with an English speaking Host family in Nepal or in our Hostel in Kathmandu. The cultural exchange program in Nepal is also a part of this.

Why Nepali Host Family Home-stay and Cultural exchange Program

Prime Location

  • Our hostel is located in Safe and Central areas of Kathmandu in about 5-7 Kilometers from the International Airport and the city center. The host families are also centrally located.
  • Restaurants, shopping centers, bus stations, ATM, Internet café are nearby the volunteer accommodation.
  • Our hostel is in Peaceful and prime location for Foreign Students who visit Nepal for studying Buddhism near Boudhanath.

Comfortable Accommodation

  • The accommodation is clean and comfortable with big bed rooms.
  • The bathroom is western style with enough running water and hot water powered by solar energy.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet facility is available.

Homely atmosphere and Support

  • English speaking host family and our friendly support staff for any kind of help any time.
  • There are Cultural exchange opportunities and cultural tours are arranged for the volunteers.
  • Local Orientation is given after arrival. (We make you familiar with the new place, transportation routes and guide you with instructions to adjust in a new environment.)

Free Nepali Language and Nepali Cooking Classes

With our Home-stay program, you will also get an opportunity to learn Nepalese language and Nepalese cooking for free. We provide you with basic Nepali language lessons which would be beneficial for the volunteers in Nepal in their everyday life during volunteer work or while traveling. If someone is studying abroad in Nepal or doing Research in Nepal then the Nepali language course would be essential. Understanding of the local language makes it easier for the traveler while traveling or trekking in Nepal. Learning Nepalese cooking is for those who are interested in cookery.

Nepali Food and Western Food

Breakfast and Dinner are provided. Healthy and Hygienically prepared Nepalese food is served along with some type of western food. Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Nepali food is provided. Volunteer can use the kitchen to prepare their own food as well. The volunteers would eat lunch outside basically during work at their placements or nearby restaurants.

The following type of food is served in our volunteer accommodation.

  • Breakfast: Chapati (plain bread), paratha, beans and sprouts, toast, egg, pancake, porridge, fruit and Nepali tea.
  • Dinner: Dal bhat (rice and lentil soup), tarkari (Nepalese curry), aachar (chutney), masu (meat), fried rice, momo, chowmein, thukpa, samosa, pakoda, papad, dahi (yogurt), salad, pasta.

We help you in planning your trips, traveling in Nepal and trekking in Nepal.

Our Team helps you in planning your Nepal trip and to organize different affordable trips and tours and cheap trekking in Nepal. Yoga and Meditation classes can also be arranged.

Cultural Exchange opportunities in Nepal

The cultural exchange opportunity lets you learn different things about a new country, local people and its culture and traditions. Any participants with any Nationality, age, either you are a student or a working professional, with our cultural exchange program; you will get more than an average tourist.

We take care of you and make you familiar about Nepal, organize Sightseeing and cultural trips during various Nepali festivals like Holi (festival of colors), Tihar (festival of lights), Dashain, Teej, Religious festivals, Street festivals and more Hindu and Buddhist festivals celebrated throughout the year in Nepal. You will also get to see Nepali Traditions, Nepali marriage ceremony; different Hindu and Buddhist rituals thus experience the diverse Nepalese culture. There are also opportunities of learning Nepali language and Nepali cooking.

Please contact us for more information regarding home-stay and cultural exchange program in Nepal. You will get the following which are included with this program.

  • 2 time Meals (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Accommodation with host family or in volunteer hostel
  • Local Orientation
  • Airport Pickup and Drop arrangements
  • Cultural tours and Sightseeing arrangements
  • Involvement in our community work projects
  • Free Nepali language lessons and Nepali cooking lessons (If you want)
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Possibility to join our volunteer program
  • Full Support from our staff
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