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FAQ’s – Information about volunteering in Nepal

Please read the following information which covers mostly asked questions of international volunteers about volunteering and internship abroad in Nepal with Nepali Host Family.

Can I volunteer in a group with friends or relatives?
Yes, group volunteering opportunities is available and you can work at the volunteer placement of your interest. You and your friends can work in a same voluntary placement or a different one. Please let us know about this ahead so we can make an arrangement for you.
My friend and I want to come to volunteer in Nepal and we would like to have a same room to stay. Is this possible?
Yes, a single room can be arranged in which there will be two single beds. If a couple sings up with our program then they will be given a single room as well.
I want to travel Nepal with my family and looking for volunteering and traveling both. How is this possible?
Our program is flexible and we do have volunteering opportunities for a family. You can use our volunteer program as volunteer vacations. You can stay at our hostel or with a host family while living in Nepal and volunteer at your placement during weekdays. During the weekends you may go for travel with your family. We also help you to arrange different travel and tours.
Do I need any specific skills to volunteer in Nepal?
No, there is not any particular experience or skill required to work in our volunteer projects.
What languages do I need to know to volunteer in Nepal?
There is not any particular language required to work with our projects but a basic knowledge of English is a must. If you can speak some Nepali then that can be helpful as well.
Does Nepali Host Family offer travel/medical insurance while I am volunteering in Nepal?
You will need to arrange insurance on your own. There are different types of insurance covering different policy so it is always better if you speak with your local insurance provider or any international insurance provider for travel/medical insurance. There are global insurance provider companies which provide insurance for US $ 65 or less for a month. Signing up with an insurance company should not be a big deal as there are lots of companies offering you insurance while you travel abroad.
I was told that it would be nice to fundraise in my country before I travel to Nepal to volunteer. Is fundraising really necessary?
Fundraising would be an effective way to help any people or community who needs help and support. As Nepal is a poor country, we encourage potential volunteers to organize some events or fundraise in their respective countries for the children or placements in Nepal. You can tell your friends, relatives, family about the project you are going to be involved with. Organize any event or ask for donations at your school, office, community or town. Even single penny you would be able to collect can be spent for something meaningful in Nepal such as to buy supplies for the children or to support a child’s education.

Suppose you collected US $ 300 – US $ 400 by fundraising. This amount is enough to pay a child’s 1 whole year fees in a school where we work in Nepal. You would easily spent that amount to buy jeans and food in your country at a time but that same amount holds much importance in Nepal which can support a child’s education for a year. One of the volunteers had organized a party at her house and she was able to collect US $ 2000 in one night. She spent that money in Nepal to build new class rooms.
What kind of volunteer work placement will I be in?
Nepali Host Family works with under privileged groups and community. We place our volunteers at the placement where they are most needed. The volunteers will have to fill up a volunteer form while applying first and on the basis of your skill and interest you will be placed at the right or your desired volunteer placement.
How does the placement or community in Nepal benefits from international volunteers?
Nepali Host Family places volunteers at the place where they are most needed and the skills or knowledge of international volunteers can help the community in many ways. In terms of monetary benefit, the 40% of program cost paid by the volunteer goes to buy supplies for the placement or to organize community works. International volunteers will get to use their skills and effort and both can learn, share experiences and make a bond through cultural exchange.
How far in advance do I need to notice to join the volunteer/internship projects?
If you want to join our volunteer program then you will need to notice at least a month before but if there is places left then we can arrange placement and accommodation in shorter notice as well. We recommend you to notice us in advance to ensure a smooth arrangement.
Is there any application process and what do I need to send to be eligible to volunteer?
The application process is simple and just one step. It requires you to fill up the volunteer/internship application form and send it to us. You will be replied within 2 – 3 days about your acceptance. In case of medical volunteer or intern, you would need to send document about your studies.
When shall I fill up the volunteer application form?
There are no any application charges and you do not need to pay any fees to us with the application so you can fill up the application form and send us so that we can send you more information’s.
What happens after I have sent the application form?
After receiving your application form, we review it and send you an email telling about acceptance of your application. This might take 24 hours. Sometimes it might take 2 – 3 days to process your application. After you have been accepted to volunteer with our organization, you can go ahead and book your flights. We send you detail information’s about your project, accommodation and other details afterwards.
How long can I volunteer in Nepal?
Our short term and long term volunteering programs are available from 1 week to 5 months. You can choose short term volunteering of 1 or 2 weeks or long term volunteering of more than three months which would give you wide exposure.
How many years has Nepali Host Family been in operation?
Nepali Host Family has been in operation since January 2006.
How much is the total cost I need to pay to volunteer or Intern in Nepal?
Nepali Host Family provides both volunteering and Internship programs and the program fee is same for both. Click here.
How can I be sure that volunteering in Nepal would be safe?
Nepal is safe for foreigners to travel and for international volunteers to visit and work. After the end of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal and the continuous peace process, Nepal is quite stable country to travel and volunteer abroad.

Nepali Host Family ensures 24/7 support to the volunteers through our local staff. There are rumors about Nepal in some international media regarding safety but it is not the reality. Nepal is safe to travel and we do provide our volunteers with orientation and proper travel instructions, things to do and not to do etc.

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I am a vegetarian. Will this be a problem?
No. Generally the food provided to you in our hostel in Kathmandu or a host family in Nepal will be a vegetarian meal and there will be meat sometimes for Non vegetarians. When you fill up the volunteer application form, please mention that you are a vegetarian while answering the question about diet and allergies.
Is Nepali Host Family registered with a government in Nepal? Do you have to pay tax?
Yes. Every social organization in Nepal has to be registered with “Social Welfare Council of Nepal” which is the body which regulates the NGO’s and with “District Administration Office” where the office of the organization is located. According to the Nepalese law, even a nonprofit organization has to show the account of finances and pay some tax every year. Certain sum is deducted from the program fee paid by the volunteer to pay local tax to the government.
What age group and nationalities of volunteers has volunteered with your organization?
We have had volunteers from different age groups from 16 to 60 years of age volunteered with our organization. We have had international volunteers from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia and South Africa etc.
What is included in the program fee and what do I get?
Please click here to know more.
What types of volunteer projects is available in Nepal?
Please click here to know more.
Will I have time to travel in Nepal when I am volunteering?
Yes of course. You can utilize the weekends to travel or even every day after your work you will have some time to go for shopping or sightseeing. Our staff helps you to plan your trip and even organize different trips or trekking in Nepal for you.
Why do I have to pay to volunteer?
Nepali Host Family provides volunteer opportunities in Nepal and when you volunteer with us you do not pay to volunteer. The program fee you pay us is for arranging your food and accommodation and also some part from it goes to organize community works. Please click here to know more.
How is Nepali Host Family different from other volunteer abroad organizations?
Most volunteer organizations are based in USA, UK and other countries. Suppose if you want to volunteer or Intern in Nepal with one of those organizations then you must be ready to pay those high program fees starting from US $ 800 to US $ 2200 for 1 month volunteer program. They charge you the entire fees upfront saying application fee, in country support fee, new project development fee and others.

They don’t offer affordable volunteering opportunities because living expenses and administrative costs are high in those countries where they are based and most of your money you have paid to them goes for paying their staff in different countries, the main office, the country office located at different countries and for expensive marketing.

They claim that more than 50% of the fee you have paid goes for your food and accommodation and to your placement but the host family and the placement in Nepal gets not even 10% of the portion as these organizations do not need to spend much money in Nepal because living standards in poor countries like Nepal are low and food and accommodation is much cheaper. So it is obvious that most of the money you are paying goes to someone’s pocket.

Nepali Host Family is a community based local Nepali Non-profit organization and you can know that by comparing the program fees. You can also know by reading the testimonials and reviews about Nepali Host Family.
Can I get letter of recommendation or experience certificate after I volunteer or intern with you?
Yes. The volunteers will get a certificate and also recommendation letter if they need one.
I want to make an impact but I do not have much time to volunteer overseas. Is this possible with your short term volunteer opportunities?
We have volunteer programs from 1 week to 5 months. If you join our short term volunteer option of 1 or 2 weeks then also you will be able to see, experience and do something. We make sure that the volunteers get to experience true Nepal. If you want to create an impact then you would need to volunteer for longer time and choose long term volunteer option of at least more than a month by which you would also be able to travel and see a lot in Nepal.
Do you provide airport pickup and who will pick me at the airport?
Yes. Our representative will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the hostel or host family. Our representative will wait for you at the Airport arrival waiting room. Detail information about pick up will be provided to you some week before your arrival.
What should I do if my flight is delayed?
If your flight is delayed or there are any changes in your flight schedule then you should try to contact us immediately. You may email or call us to let us know about your arrival timing.
What type of accommodation will I stay in Nepal during volunteering?
You will stay at our hostel in Kathmandu or with a host family. Detail information about the physical address, accommodation, telephone number is given to you before your arrival.
How is the room, toilet like in the accommodation?
The room is to be shared by two volunteers of same gender. If you need a single room then please ask for it before. The toilet will be western style with enough running water.
Where can I do my laundry?
You may hand wash your clothes at your accommodation or give it to laundry shops nearby.
What type of meal will I get in Nepal?
You will get a Nepali type of meal. Please read about our homestay in Nepal program page for more information on this. Click here
What should I do if I have a special diet or if I have a special need?
You will have to let us know about it while filling up the volunteer application form and we can arrange accordingly for you.
What should I do for drinking water in Nepal?
There will be enough drinking water available at the kitchen of our hostel or the host family from where you can fill up your bottle. The water is completely safe for drinking.
Will there be hot water available for shower while I am in Nepal?
There will be hot water for shower at our hostel and in some host families but the hot water is powered by solar energy so we cannot guarantee it every day.
Are there any health risks where I will be volunteering in Nepal?
No. Nepali Host Family takes safety as first priority so we do not send volunteers to the place where there are health risks.
What kind of toilet will be there in my accommodation?
There will be a western style toilet in your accommodation. You will need to arrange toilet paper yourself. Please do not throw the toilet papers in the toilet. There will be a separate trash bin on the side to throw the toilet papers you have used.
How do I contact my family and friends when I am in Nepal?
There are lots of STD/ISD shops which offer cheap international calls from Rupees 2 per minute. You can easily find calling shops at each street in the main city area. There are also lots of internet cafes where you can use internet for Rs 25 – Rs 50 per hour depending on the internet cafes. You may also go to some restaurants or cafes which offer free Wi-Fi.
How can my family contact me while I am in Nepal?
You can use the Nepalese SIM card for local as well as international calls, SMS or Internet. You may buy a Nepalese SIM card after your arrival at the airport or somewhere in the street where you live. There are lots of shops which sells a phone SIM card in Nepal. There are two operators in Nepal, Ncell and Nepal Telecom. You can get Ncell SIM card at Ncell shop or any communication shop which would cost Rs 100. You will need to give them a photocopy of the Front page of your passport, a photocopy of the Visa page for Nepal and a passport size photo of yours to get the SIM card. You can easily buy recharge cards worth Rs 50, 100 or more from the local shops to top up your balance.
What should I bring in my luggage? Are there any special things volunteers would need in Nepal?
Please bring a backpack, flip flop, comfortable shoes, hiking shoes or trekking boots if you are going to trek, jeans, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts, rain jacket depending on the season, warm clothes depending on the season, towel, sunglasses etc. Please read our other FAQ’s page to know about things to pack while visiting Nepal according to the different seasons in detail. Click here.
What kind of medicines should I carry with me while traveling Nepal?
We would recommend fever, pain killer, diarrhea, stomach ache, head ache, hydration salts, nausea medicines etc whereas you can buy medicines from the local pharmacy in Nepal as well if you are in town areas.
What more expenses are there once I arrive in Nepal?
The extra expenses will be your personal expenses which you might spend for shopping, buying toiletries, transportation, food and drinks, sightseeing, any weekend trips or activities. There are lots of trips and activities which can be done in Nepal so it depends on what you would like to do. If you would like to do trekking in Nepal then have at least about US $ 500 extra.