Medical, Nursing and Physiotherapy Project

Either you are Nursing or a Medical student, or a qualified Physiotherapist, Join hands with our volunteer projects and volunteer in Nepali medical centers which will be a different experience for you. You can do Medical Electives in Kathmandu or be a medical volunteer and work in a Nepali village. How it works with the medical volunteer or medical Internship program is that the volunteers will get a Supervisor, a qualified Doctor for the Medical volunteer and a Nurse for the Nursing volunteer. You will have a supervisor at your medical placement who would be the main contact person with whom you will deal with regarding your work. The supervisor is there to help and guide you. The volunteers will have to follow their supervisor.

The volunteer can go to Emergency, follow the doctor in OPD (out patients department) or see surgery in OT (operation theatre). The medical volunteer can work in different departments like pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics, general medicine, pathology etc. Basically the volunteer would observe but if he/she has some skills then he/she would be given a chance to use that. Especially for pre meds or Interns, there will be opportunity to learn. We make an arrangement so that the volunteer could see most in the hospital. In the Nepalese medical placements lots of different medical cases arrive which is not seen even in the western countries. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering.

Besides Medical project, you can also get involved in other projects like teaching, care, community work etc. Suppose you are a Nurse from France. You will work in hospital with our medical volunteering program and side by side, we will involve you in schools where you will teach about Personal hygiene and cleanliness to the children or help us during our community work or during our Educational tour program for orphanage kids.

This way your knowledge, skills and effort is used up for Humanitarian work and in the meantime, you will benefit from learning with our volunteer programs in Nepal.

With the Physiotherapy project, the volunteer will be taught simple Nepali so that he/she can interact with the patient and help them by giving them physical exercises or whatever they need. Physiotherapy interns will also have Supervisors. Your placement can be Rehabilitation centers or hospitals where you will work with child patients and also with elder patients. You can see spinal injury, cerebral palsy, post trauma and different physiotherapy related cases and many techniques of treatment like acupressure, acupuncture, speech therapy etc used in Nepal.

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