Learning Nepali for Foreigners

Introduction to Nepali language

Nepali or Nepalese language is widely spoken in Nepal and is the main language of the country. Nepali is also spoken in some parts of India and Bhutan among the Nepali community. Nepali language is also one of the official languages in India. Nepali language was derived from Sanskrit and some words from the English language are also used frequently in Nepali. Nepali language is written in Devanagari script same like Hindi and Sanskrit. The script is written from left to right and each word is completed by giving a horizontal line on the top of the word. There are more than 21 million people who speak Nepali as their mother tongue including Nepal, India and Bhutan.

Nepali is the official language of Nepal but there are several other languages spoken in Nepal like Tibetan, Newari, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Gurung, Magar, Sherpa etc. The population living in Terai parts of Nepal speaks Hindi as well and the urban population of Nepal can understand Hindi. There is some similarity in Nepali and Hindi language with some similar words which are used in both.

Nepali Language learning program for foreigners

Nepali Host Family provides Nepali language class for the foreigners in Kathmandu. We run Nepali language classes for individual or group but mainly it is a one on one class. It would not be like a Nepali language school where there are many students learning at the same time.

You can learn Nepali language from books as well which are quite helpful but you will need one on one practice to pronounce correctly and sometimes the books are too formal that some of the Nepali phrases or words written in the books are not used practically by Nepali people. Make yourself perfect in Basic or Advance Nepali language by joining our Practical based Nepali language courses for short duration of some days to Long duration of some months. With our Nepali language learning program, each day the classes are of 1 hour or 2 hours depending on your need and that's all for a very affordable fee. Special Nepali language lessons for Beginners are arranged and we use both oral and written methods of learning Nepalese language.

Our Nepalese language course fits best for the potential volunteers who are volunteering in Nepal. Learning some Nepali beforehand would help you in your volunteer work. We have Nepali language course for those professionals who need to visit Nepal often or have to stay in Nepal for longer time. If you are a foreign student looking to learn Nepali language who needs to learn some basic Nepali words, whatever is your requirement, we provide you with Nepalese language lessons at your convenient time daily or during the weekends.

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