Orphanage Care Project

The orphanages where we work have children who are abandoned by their parents or children who became orphan due to death of their parents during war or during some period. These children needs more support than normal children. The orphanages where we work have children about 30 – 40 in numbers. The children are between 1 to 17 years old. You can help them with their homework or provide them care by helping them clean their room, do some renovation or with other activities. If you want you can get puzzle games or similar kind of things for them and play with them. The children at the orphanage know Basic English so you would not have difficulty to communicate with them. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering. You will have a Supervisor at your placement who would be the main contact person with whom you will deal with regarding your work. The supervisor is there to help and guide you.

If you are a 16 or 17 years old Teenager looking for volunteer opportunities abroad then you can get involved with our volunteer program and volunteer with children. You can teach these children drawing, music, dance or some sports you know. Tell them about your Culture or Share the Art you know. You need No Special Skills for this. Just Be a part of their life.

During the public holidays when the children of the orphanage do not have school, you can spend the whole day with the kids. You can come up with your own creative ideas to help them in best possible way.

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