Photojournalism project

The culture, beauty, people and geography of Nepal is the factor which attracts many foreigners to this land of the Himalayas. Through Photojournalism you can cover the vast unexplored areas of Nepal and also write articles on the many topics and issues which you can only find in this country, nowhere else found. From the majestic mountains to the smile of the children, you can capture thousands of images through your lens.

We give you an opportunity to work with a freelance photojournalist or in a media house in Nepal. You will cover an event, covering stories during different Nepali festivals or occasions, do editing and reporting. You will meet with Nepali journalists and newspaper editors as well as travel Nepal and explore the country. You may use this opportunity as an Internship in photojournalism. We encourage volunteers for documentary and film making as well. The volunteer needs to bring their own equipments and camera for this project.

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