School Teaching Project

We work with small private schools with children from low income family. In the school, you will be doing formal teaching in any subject you would like such as English, Science, Math etc. The classes can be small with 10 – 15 kids in one class or medium with 20 – 30 children in a class. You can teach from pre primary level to secondary level to the children of age 3 to 16 years old. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering. You will have a Supervisor at your placement who would be the main contact person with whom you will deal with regarding your work. The supervisor is there to help and guide you. Your supervisor will give you lesson plan and you can plan the lessons for the kids.

The schools need a teacher like you who can help the children with English lessons. You can teach them something from their course books or tell them about the outside world. You will basically interact with them and improve their English or help in other subjects. You will be provided a map so that you can show them where you are from and tell them about your country and culture. You can also learn a lot from the children about Nepal. You can make them draw or paint. If you have some skills in music, sports etc then you can teach that. The students at the school know Basic English so you would not have difficulty to communicate with them.

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