Sponsor A Child in Nepal

Nepali Host Family being a Non-profit community organization, we work with some orphanages, child care homes and schools. These orphanages and child care homes give food, shelter and clothing to the children who are basically known as orphans. The school where we work provides education to the underprivileged children. We encourage individuals from Nepal or from abroad, who are willing to support a child for his/her education and provide him/her with the opportunity to grow in life.

The following are some main reasons why these children are kept in the orphanages or shelter homes.

  • Their parents have abandoned them
  • Whereabouts of the parents or family members unknown
  • Death of the parents
  • Children who are the victims of domestic violence and ended up on the streets of big cities

The social workers or some organization pick up these children from the streets and bring them to the shelter home and sometimes even the local police bring the infants to the orphanages.

Nepali Host Family volunteers work in different Orphanages and Child care homes. Our volunteers help the orphanages and child care homes where you can find these children who are deprived of the basic necessities and the basic care in life. These children deserve equal education, health, nutrition, clothing and care as other children. Our volunteers help the children in education, health, clothing and care. The volunteers encourage the children to reach their ambitions and try to bring smile on their faces.

Nepali Host Family even works with some schools which provide education to the underprivileged children. Many children in Nepal leave school because their parents cannot afford to pay for the education. The government schools are very cheap compared to the private schools but the quality of education is unsatisfactory in government schools. Many parents who are poor can’t even send their child to the private schools. We can work together with the school and help a child for his/her education by paying his/her school fees.

What Can You Do

These children need someone who is willing to sponsor and help him/her go to school and further to a college. You can help the children by sponsoring them and paying for their education.

How does sponsoring a child work

If you want to sponsor a child then you can contact us and visit the schools and orphanages where we work. If you choose to volunteer with us then you will definitely get a chance to be close with the children and have interactions with them. This will help you to choose which particular child to sponsor. You will basically help in paying the school fees and books of the child. Remember that you are not adopting the child but only helping him/her for his/her education.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child in Nepal

If you are willing to donate about US $ 300 – US $ 400 then it can send a child to school for his/her Primary to secondary education. This amount is enough to pay the school fees of the child for a whole year. You would easily spend $ 300 - $ 400 for buying some clothes or junk food in your country but that same amount can help a child for his/her education for a year in Nepal.

Where does your money goes

Your money goes to pay the school fees of the child for a year and to buy books. You can sponsor the child for next year again and can visit him/her when you want.

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