Low cost Volunteer and Internships Programs

Volunteer and Internships Programs in Nepal

According to the latest data, every year thousands of individual’s travel abroad looking for volunteering overseas with a reliable volunteer project. Nepal is an interesting destination not only for the natural beauty, mountains and cultures but to volunteer abroad. There are hundreds of volunteer agencies offering volunteering and Intern programs in Nepal. Nepali Host Family is a Non-profit volunteer organization providing legitimate and Low cost volunteer and Internships projects.

What will you get?

Volunteer in Nepal at low cost. Utilize your Summer Vacation, Career Break or Gap Year in Nepal. Travel and gain work experience through volunteer work in Nepal. Add work experience in your CV through Internships in Nepal. You will get an opportunity to help someone in need and learn something at the same time through our volunteering programs.

You will get a pre arranged volunteer placement in Nepal with food and accommodation. You will get all required support from our staff whenever needed. You will not only volunteer with our flexible program but will also get to experience the Nepali culture up close and would have enough time to travel the beautiful country or go for trekking in the Himalayas if you like. Whether you are traveling on your own or with a family, you can use our program as volunteer vacations.

Who can apply for the volunteer program?

No specific Experience is required. We are looking for both, Qualified and Non Qualified Volunteers. There is not any specific qualification needed to work with our volunteer projects. If you are a professional or have some skill that you can use then it would be a plus point. To join our volunteer programs, the age requirement is 18 to 65. You should speak Basic English. There is no any additional language requirement.

We select volunteers and put them in different volunteer placements in Nepal matching their skills and interests. We also aid in research projects if anyone has a specific subject to research about in Nepal. You will be able to take part in one or more of the following projects according to your interest and qualifications:

Volunteering in school, teaching English, teaching Sports, teaching Music, volunteering in Orphanage, volunteering with Children and child care, volunteering in Rehabilitation home, volunteering in Disabled care home, volunteering in old age home, volunteering in Hospital, Medicine and Health care volunteer, Nursing volunteer, Physiotherapy volunteer, Women Empowerment and Photo journalism.

We organize community work projects like Environmental conservation and sanitation, outreach programs, free medical camp for poor people, plantation program in Nepali villages, social awareness campaign about diseases, cleanliness, drug abuse etc and distributing food and supplies to the schools, orphanages etc.

Note: Some specific project depends on the availability. Suppose if you would like to do a building project when you volunteer in Nepal then you would need to do fundraising to collect funds required.

Research Projects in Nepal

Do you have a Research paper from your University or a Group Research paper? Do you wish to travel Nepal to make a research on Nepali culture, Buddhism, Geography of Nepal, Child Labor in Nepal, Human Trafficking in Nepal, or anything related to Nepal? We will help you for this.

Suppose you are a Journalist from Japan and want to research about Nepali Culture. We will take care of your food and accommodation and provide you assistance so that you can research on your paper without much hassle. Our team will help you in your research.

Short Term Volunteering and Long Term Volunteering

Both Short term volunteering and long term volunteering opportunities are available. Our volunteer projects are available from One Week to Five Months duration. Short term volunteer option suits the working professionals who may not have enough time to travel and volunteer abroad. Long term volunteer option suits students who are taking gap year or have vacations and looking towards volunteering overseas. Our volunteer program also suits for those who are taking career break or looking for Internships abroad.

The volunteer who join us are High school students, Teenagers, College students, University students and Graduates. Not only student volunteers but professionals from different walks of life join our program as well. Our volunteer program is open to people looking for Career breaks and also for Retirees. Most International volunteers who join us are on Gap years, summer break or on volunteer vacations. Mostly participants look for volunteer travel programs and want to do volunteer service mission or social works.

Why Nepali Host Family Volunteer Projects?

Today there are hundreds of International and National volunteer organizations active in Nepal through which thousands of volunteers arrive in Nepal every year. This sometimes brings insecurity for Nepali manpower that this might take away their job. Nepali Host Family sends volunteers at the place where the volunteer is most needed. We do not need to go too far to remote villages to volunteer. In the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu itself the volunteers can be used for different projects.

Many schools, orphanages, rehabilitation homes and health centers in Nepal needs help and support. Nepal being one of the poorest countries in the world lacks resources and support. We basically work with underprivileged groups, women and children’s, schools and orphanages that need support. The volunteers are given proper instructions about volunteering work and how to carry on their daily life.

You can help the people in need through our volunteer projects. You can utilize the skills you have or if you do not have any specific skills then also you can still contribute your time and effort to volunteer in a project which you can perform. There are volunteers needed for different work. Through our Community work projects, we make our volunteers involved in various community works. Whether you are a Gap year student, High school student or a working professional from any walks of life, volunteering in Nepal in the Schools, Orphanages, Rehabilitation homes or Hospitals, which we provide, would be the experience you won’t forget. Our main aim is to provide volunteer opportunities, cultural exchange opportunities.

Help and Learn with our affordable volunteer abroad programs and low cost Internships abroad programs. Everyday will be a Learning experience for you, either you are teaching English in Nepali schools, Helping the Disabled, Playing with the Orphan children, Learning Medicine in hospitals or giving Physiotherapy treatment to the poor. You will face Challenges; help the One in need and Learn from it.

International volunteer opportunities for Single traveler, Group or Family

Volunteer work in Asia can be challenging and someone might only decide to volunteer overseas in Asia after doing some research on the Internet to find reliable and cheap volunteer programs.

Nepali Host Family aims to provide affordable volunteer opportunities in Nepal and affordable homestay service to foreigners who wish to travel to Nepal and spend some time helping the poor and needy through volunteering. Our project is Suitable for everyone, either you are a single female traveler or you are in a Group or traveling with your family. You will get support from our staff during your stay in Nepal whenever you need. You can choose between the different volunteer projects in which you have Interest on and Join hands with us.

Flexible volunteer program

Our volunteering program is flexible. You can start volunteer work from any date throughout the year with our volunteer projects. Our programs do not start and end on specific dates so you can start working from whichever date is possible for you from One week to Five months by which you can give your most and also travel and see a lot in Nepal.

You can choose one or more projects of your Interest. You can take some days off from work for traveling or trekking purpose. If you want to extend your stay in Nepal and would like to stay and volunteer longer then you can extend by days, weeks or months. If there is any public holiday in Nepal due to which certain teaching placements like school will be closed for certain days then you will be put in other volunteer placement which is open.

Work Routine

You can work for 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) and take the weekends off for traveling or even work during the weekends if you want. Our team helps you plan your Nepal trip, the amount of time you will spend for volunteering in Nepal and the time you will spend for traveling in Nepal or trekking in Nepal if you choose to do it.

The volunteer would leave for work after breakfast from their host family or hostel in the mornings (Mon – Fri) and arrive at the volunteer placement between 9 – 10 AM and work till 2 – 3 PM. This is the general schedule. You will have time each day after your work to go for shopping or sightseeing. Normal working days are Monday – Friday. You can work on Sundays if you want. Saturdays are public holiday in Nepal but some volunteer placements are open on Saturdays as well. Some volunteers also prefer to work on Saturdays. You can work according to the work given by your supervisor.

Details about the voluntary work will be discussed with you after your arrival in Nepal. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering.

Location of volunteer placements and Accommodation

The volunteer work is based in Kathmandu, surrounding districts and villages in Nepal. We are working towards expanding volunteer projects in Pokhara and far remote villages. A specific project which needs lots of field work can be based in any district or village in Nepal.

The Placement is within a walking distance or a short bus ride from the host family or hostel in Kathmandu. Your placements and accommodation will be centrally located.

Weekends, Cultural trips, Travel and tours

Nepal has lot to offer and different activities can be done during the weekends. Weekends is the time when the volunteer would do some sightseeing or traveling around Nepal. You can plan your weekends. We take our volunteers to cultural tours especially during some Nepali festivals.

We Take Care of You

Homestay facility, Food and Accommodation is provided by Nepali Host Family in our hostel in Kathmandu or host family near your voluntary placements or your working place. During your stay in Nepal, you will live in a friendly home along with other volunteers with an English speaking Nepali family to take care of you, located in a Safe and Central areas of Kathmandu valley. You will feel Safe in a family environment, enjoy the good Nepali food and you will be able to experience the Nepalese life style, Nepali culture and Nepali tradition closely. There will be cultural exchange opportunities.

Our staff will make you familiar about the city, Dos and Don'ts and will even guide you for different trips around the beautiful locations of Nepal. You will get induction and orientation. We organize tours and cultural trips for our volunteers. Volunteering abroad, you will be far away from home but you will find lots of things which will keep you occupied in Nepal. Our volunteers and our Team will be there for any support or any kind of assistance at any point of time. From airport pickup to airport drop arrangements is done by our staff.

Free Nepali Language and Nepali Cooking Class

While you volunteer with any of our projects, you can even learn Nepali language free and learn Nepalese cooking recipes. We provide you with basic Nepali language lessons if you require. Nepali language lessons can help you in your working place or during your travel in Nepal. Learning Nepali cooking recipe is for those who are interested in cookery.

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