How to be a volunteer in Nepal

The following is the Application Process for International volunteers to Volunteer or Intern in Nepal with our program. It is a simple 3 step process.

Step One: Please download the application form which is in word document (.doc) format. Then fill out the application form completely. Please send us your C.V. (Resume) with a latest photo along with the application form through e-mail.

Step Two: After we have received your volunteer/Intern application form, C.V. and latest photo it will take a couple of days to process it. We will reply you back if whether you are accepted to volunteer/Intern with our organization within Five working days. We may ask the Medical program applicants to send further documents during the application process.

After your application is accepted then we will send you a Customized Information Pack within two weeks. The Customized Information Pack will give you details about your project, what you will be doing while volunteering in Nepal, where you will be working, staying and also how you can prepare yourself before departure.

The Customized Information Pack will include the following:

  • Info about your volunteer Placement in Nepal, the Name of your placement, Location, Name of your Supervisor, your Role and Duties at the placement, Working hours, Number of other staffs at the placement and all required info you should know about the volunteer work.
  • Info about your volunteer accommodation, Physical address of your accommodation including type of rooms, bathroom, facilities and necessary details you should know.
  • Contact information of Nepali Host Family staff.
  • Fundraising ideas and telling you how you can do it.
  • Info about food and drinking water, vaccination, weather in Nepal at your time of arrival, things to pack and important things to take with you in your luggage and currency exchange rates etc.
  • Info about Visa for Nepal and how to obtain it.
  • Info about Nepal, Cultural tips, travel tips and safety advices.

Step Three: After you have received the Customized Information Pack from us and If you want to join our program then you will need to secure your place. You will need to confirm at least a Month before that you want to join our program. We will have to book an accommodation for you and arrange your volunteer Placement. In order to secure your place, you will have to make the initial payment first out of your total volunteer program fee. This initial fee is Refundable if you could not join our program. Please visit volunteer program cost page on the website to know more about the volunteering program in Nepal fees for International volunteers.

Note: In case due to some circumstances if the participant cannot join our program at stated date then it can be conveniently postponed. Your place is secured for a year from the date of the payment of the Initial fee.

The participant can pay the Initial fee (which is a part of the total program fee) through PayPal or bank transfer. Please contact us for details about paying the fee.

Please let us know if you have made the payment and we will send you confirmation of the receipt of the Initial fee. This will take 3 working days. We will send you invoice confirming the payment with the due amount which you will have to clear after your arrival in Nepal.

At the meantime the participants can go ahead and book the flights. The participants will need to send us the printed flight itinerary given by the airline so that we can arrange pick up from the airport. Our staff will pick you up from the airport.

Receive Full support from our staff

If you have any questions then e-mail us. We reply quickly. You can request for a Skype call too. After your arrival in Nepal our staff will provide you After Arrival Information Pack which contains some important information about how you can get along in Nepal.