Nepal Volunteer Testimonials

Here we have some feedbacks from past volunteers about volunteering in Nepal with our program. There are feedbacks about home-stay program and Nepali cooking class too. For more feedbacks and reviews, please go through our blog and read the volunteer stories.

Program: Volunteer in Orphanage

Testimonials We have thoroughly appreciated our nice, private little room in which we can retreat to after a busy bustling day in the streets of Kathmandu. You have provided for us constantly making our stay so easy. Our volunteer placement at the orphanage was great too. We enjoyed every minute spent there. You provide a great avenue for volunteers to inexpensively give their time and experience the Nepali culture.

Thank You!
Krystle and Kirsty

Program: Teaching in School

Testimonials Reflecting on every aspect of my time in Nepal and with Nepali Host Family I am so grateful. I have experienced moments of great highs to moments which have challenged me, but I have learnt from all. I wanted to thank Nepali Host Family and in particular Garret for facilitating this entire experience. Nepal is a beautiful country with such a rich culture but it will be the people I have met, local and other volunteers from abroad and the experiences we have all shared which I will remember the most.

In my short time here I have had so much growth as a person. My time here has also made me appreciate what I do have back home in Australia and it has been a humbling experience. I will miss the entertaining staff at the hostel, the volunteers from different walks of life who became my family here and the kids I had the honor to teach. I would encourage anyone to take that leap and step out of their comfort to come to Nepal and give their time to volunteer. I consider it one of my greatest achievements so far.

All the best! Namaste!

Program: Volunteer Work

Testimonials Thanks a lot for providing me all the information / details of being a volunteer here and living here. Except volunteering work, I am glad that I still have the chance to have a yoga class here and traveling around the country. I hope I would have a longer holiday in Nepal, 10 days are just too short for me to experience the real life here and there are still a lots I have seen in the country. The kids in the orphanage are so cute; I wish they can have a happy life and a bright future.

Best Regards,
Hong Kong

Program: Volunteer with Children

Testimonials To everyone at Nepali Host Family

After a long internet search for a genuine organization and meaningful volunteering placement, we settled on the Nepali Host Family. Having now volunteered for a week at the school and mainly at the orphanage we know that we have made the right decision.

The children were warm, fun and friendly and genuinely interested in us and our country and we felt that even though we were here for a short time we made a connection with them. We had been traveling and trekking in Nepal for two weeks before our placement and that really helped us understand the people and their customs. Thanks to Garret and Udav – your hospitality is much appreciated and the hostel is one of the best places we have stayed in Nepal! The food was delicious!

Thanks again!
Laurel, Hannah and Nitisha

Program: Volunteering in School

Testimonials I never thought that I’d be traveling to Nepal, but luck would have it that my company decided to send me here for a brief assignment. Naturally, I tried to extend my stay for as long as possible. In the short 1 week I was here, I was business woman, tourist and a volunteer. Thanks to Grace, who is a friend of a friend of mine from home, I ended up here at the Nepali Host Family hostel. I feel very fortunate that I was given the volunteer opportunity to work with Nepali school children, even if only for a couple days my interaction with them, while brief in relation to the experience of other volunteers, were meaningful and insightful into Nepali culture and people.

I also really enjoyed sharing meals, exploring the Kathmandu city and talking with the other volunteers. There is a great deal to learn just listening to others experiences. I would return to volunteer with Nepali Host Family in a heartbeat. It exposed me to such a beautiful country of inspiring, diverse people. I would recommend this experience for anyone who is simply passionate about giving back to others and who isn’t afraid to be challenged, creative and explore new territory.


Program: Medical Volunteering

Testimonials I am very grateful for the experience I’ve had in Nepal, it was an eye opener. For some reason I had always wanted to visit this country, but never know the reason why but today as I leave I understand that it’s the people and the beauty of this country. My volunteer placement was a hospital and as a Medical student, it had taught me so much from not only procedures such as drawing blood, injections, and stitches but also taught me about Nepali health care system.

The best part of my stay was the flexibility of the Nepali Host Family, to allow us to have a health clinic at a school. This experience and organizing that taught me the responsibility that must be undertaken with a clinic from the doctors, to the students to buying medication and teaching public health to the students. Thank you once more for allowing me to have such a wonderful experience and allowing me to grow so much. The people, the children, the mountains and all of Nepal’s beauty is something I will always remember!

Hope to see you again soon!

Program: Volunteering

Testimonials Thank you so much for all. Thank you for do it possible. It have been unforgettable experience for us. Really we are so sad to return to Spain because the time in Nepal have been so wonderful. We enjoy so much our stay at the school. The kids are very lovely and the teachers are so kindly and nice. The principal is a lovely woman and a very good cook.

We have learned a lot of food things and we have felt so happy during our stay here. Thank you for our room and the very good Nepali food. Thank you so much for your care and your hospitality and thanks for learn us do momo’s (we will try to do it in Spain). We will never forget this period!

Salud y Pura Vida
Elena and Kike

Program: Volunteer

Testimonials Dear everyone,
Thank you so much for an amazing time here. I felt at home immediately and despite my short stay it feels like I am leaving behind a family. Lots of thanks too for the other volunteers; you have been so kind and awesome. It was great getting to know you. I’ll definitely be back sooner or later. Kathmandu kinda stole my heart.

Thanks for some of the best days of my life and keep up the good work!

Program: Homestay and Research on Human Trafficking

Testimonials Even though I was in Nepal for two weeks only, this is my second visit. I know many volunteers claim to promise that they will come back to Nepal, but I know many will not. I don’t say this out of meanness but it’s true. I came to Nepal to do some Research on Nepal, especially about the Human Trafficking issue. I hope that all the volunteers come here with the intent to help people but I hope they will also get to see what the everyday people have to deal with… their struggles and their hardships.

I came back to Nepal not for their beautiful temples or great trekking places… I came back to be united with my Nepali family who I stayed with last year and the lama friends who I taught English to at the temple. The Nepali people have the biggest hearts and will always welcome you to their homes. Ha ha, they are pretty persistent, so don’t decline their offer. Please do not promise the Nepali people when all you will do is disappoint them. Small gifts go a long way… they will be forever grateful.

Take the Micro buses, they are cheap and they take you to all the major spots in Kathmandu. Just say the place to the people who collect the money. You may get lost or you go to the wrong place (people often mistake my “Chabahil” to “Thamel”). It’s frustrating at times but it’s fun at times. Eat Pakoda and drink lots of milk tea. Slice will forever be my favorite mango drink. Visit NGO’s here, appointments are easy to make. Make that climb to Swayambhu, still my favorite temple. Go to white gumba. Learn Nepali! Say “k gharne” Remember just because you are here temporarily don’t be blinded by your honey moon vision. Be real. Nepal will always have a soft spot in my heart.


Program: Homestay and Cooking Class

Testimonials Thank you for teaching us the tastes of Nepal! We enjoyed our short stay here. Great people, a really fun experience sitting all together for a hearty dinner. Best of luck and hope to stay in touch!

Olga and Duffy
Ukraine and Panama

Program: Homestay and Cooking Class

Testimonials After coming to Nepal from India and hearing a right mixed bag of reviews and comments about Nepali life, I had no idea what to expect. Having spent just one week here (part of a Gap tour traveling from Delhi to Kathmandu via Lumbini, Chitwan, Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal), I have already decided to return later in the year. What a diverse and beautiful country with lots of interesting quirks.

Things I have enjoyed most:
- Scrambling around in the dark during power cuts
- Just wandering around
- Haggling
- Friendly locals
- Dodging traffic
- Beautiful views
- Choosing Nepali Host Family homestay for my final night in Nepal

Things I have not enjoyed so much:
- The cold weather
- Not having the chance to see more of the country and its culture – not enough time
- I am definitely coming back!

See you soon and thank you!

Program: Homestay and Travel

Testimonials We have really enjoyed our stay here in Nepal. It has been fantastic to stay with the volunteers and Garret. We have experience a lot! Thamel is a perfect place for shopping whether it is for gifts, trekking or yourself. There are many places to eat and one of our favorites is or2k, a vegetarian restaurant with a fantastic menu. We can recommend the Falafa and the Pad Thai. For dessert you have to taste the chocolate souflee.

Nepal is a beautiful country with a perfect nature and helpful people. We went out for trekking in 4 days to see the sunrise from Poon Hill. It was a very good experience and we met so many sweet persons. We also did the Paragliding. In the beginning we were very scared but when you are in the air it is absolutely fantastic! The view was amazing and we are so happy that we did it.

Some good advice: See at least one of the durbar squares (we saw Patan). Go shopping (but think about the space and weight in your backpack – very expensive to send a package to Europe). Enjoy your stay! We really enjoyed our time here in Nepal and we hope that your time will be as good as ours.

Katrine and Louise