Low cost volunteer in Nepal

Affordable Volunteering & Internships in Nepal

We believe in the Principle that "Volunteering should be affordable". We believe in Selfless Service and helping the Community. We have been trying to keep the volunteering in Nepal cost as low as possible for participants from abroad. It is not possible for us to provide food and accommodation of the participants and the volunteering in Nepal for free. To cover the various costs, there is a small program fee which you have to pay to cover your volunteering in Nepal which is cheap compared to any other volunteer programs in Nepal.

What is the Cost to Volunteer in Nepal with Nepali host family?

The total cost of the volunteer/Internship programs in Nepal offered by Nepali host family is below on the list. The participant has to pay the fee for volunteering in Nepal and out of the total fee, an amount of US $ 110 (in Euros 100) has to be paid at first to join our program. This initial fee helps to secure your place. Then you will have to pay the remaining fee only after your arrival in Nepal.

For example: If you want to join our program for one Month then the total fee applicable is US $ 400. So at first you will need to pay US $ 110 to book your place. Then the remaining amount of US $ 290, you will pay it after your arrival in Nepal. Remember to pay the initial amount of US $ 110 after you have decided to join our program so that your place is booked. When you send your application to volunteer in Nepal, it is free that means you do not need to pay at first while applying. Please read the information on the Application page to know more.

Affordable Volunteering in Nepal & Internship in Nepal Program Cost

1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month 6 Weeks 2 Months 10 Weeks 3 Months 14 Weeks 4 Months
US $ 140 US $ 250 US $ 400 US $ 550 US $ 650 US $ 750 US $ 850 US $ 900 US $ 950
Euro € 128 Euro € 227 Euro € 364 Euro € 500 Euro € 590 Euro € 680 Euro € 772 Euro € 818 Euro € 863

Suppose if you would like to join our program for 3 Weeks then the program cost applicable will be the same as for 1 Month. One week is counted as 7 days and One month as 30 days. The participants interested to work in Medical program may have to pay extra to the Medical placement or hospital. The medical placement may charge USD 150 per month.

Where does your money go?

We are a transparent, Non Profit Organization which uses your money in the following ways to provide you a good experience and to support our local projects.

The cost you pay us for the Voluntary Program basically goes for these purposes and it is divided as follows. 45% of your Money goes for your food and accommodation, 5% for local taxes, 10% for Administration and 40% as a donation from you for the funding of local projects.

What is the funding of local projects?

Every 40% of your payment is deducted as a donation and goes to a separate fund. We use this money from you to buy supplies for the schools, orphanages and to fund the community work projects. When we have enough funds then certain community work activities are organised.

What is Included in the Volunteer in Nepal Program?

You will get the following which are included in the voluntary program.

  • 2 time Meals (Breakfast and Dinner) at the volunteer accommodation. The volunteers can have lunch at the canteen in placement or at cafes nearby
  • Accommodation with host family or at volunteer hostel. (staying with a host family depends on availability)
  • Volunteer opportunity of your interest.
  • Local Orientation.
  • Airport Pickup and Cultural tours arrangements.
  • Involvement in our community work projects.
  • Free basic Nepali language lessons and Nepali cooking lesson.
  • High speed Wi-Fi Internet at volunteer accommodation.
  • 24/7 Support from local staff.

The following are not included in the program cost. Volunteers have to fund for the following on their own.

  • Air tickets
  • Nepal Visa fee
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal expenses, Sightseeing and Transportation fares

Further Steps

Please go to the Application page and follow the steps mentioned there. If you want to join our program then you will need to confirm at least a Month before about your travel to Nepal and joining our program so that we can Book an accommodation for you and arrange the volunteer placement.

Please join us on face book and social media to stay updated about our news and events. Please feel free to Contact us for further inquiries. We reply within two working days. You can request for Skype call or chat with us too.